Our First Weekend in the RV… Post a Little Delayed :P

Our first weekend in the RV was the 11th through the 13th of May, 2012. It was an interesting adventure, full of new sleeping arrangements, new sounds, new smells, and ….. BUGS! Cardin has been having a great, and a not so great, time adjusting. Night one was actually a pretty good night, we ended up eating dinner with our dear friends for their Sabbat and Cardin climbed into his little cave area and went fast to sleep.

 I am sure it was quite a spectacle if you would have seen me half up a ladder singing the Cinderela song and Sunshine. It was actually so cute, I told Cardin that he would want to sleep with his down comforter because it would keep him warm but he insisted that he was hot and would be fine. So, I ended up putting it at the foot of his bed. He woke up at about 1am and was sooo cold, I told him “The big blanket is at the foot of your bed, just pull it up.” Shuffling and bumping, then about 2 minutes later he says “ahhh Thank You”. Hahaha Silly boy. Our second night was a nightmare chalk full of tempertantrums, yelling, screaming, hitting, kicking, and well… Plain out meltdown. My poor little guy has so much change going on lately that I am not sure he knows how to deal with all that is being thrown his way. And I am not handling my emotional 9 year old very well at all, I feel like I have been yelling and scolding WAY too much, I am also in need of a chill pill. So our second night was a bit sour and full of a lot of stress, Cardin and I basically just passed out from exhaustion. The funniest part about the second night was that I had finally got him to bed and went into my friends house to “chill out” and chat before I went to bed and he comes running in frantic about how the bugs were on his bed and how they were trying to kill him and eat him. *sighs* The crazy kid has developed a phobia, I walk into the RV to see the said “killer bugs” to find… Moths! Oh my! So, we now have a new routine of 1. if windows are open making sure the screens are closed 2. trying to keep the door closed, which is easier said than done. I have decided that we are going to get one of those bamboo curtains and hang it at the front door. Yeah, I found this pretty sweet multi-colored peace sign one on Amazon 🙂 Oh YES, it will happen! and 3. teaching Cardin about bugs, and handling them to help aleviate his phobia. So, in a nutshell our first weekend was smooth and rough. I worked hard to get the RV fixed up, scraping, peeling, painting, and sealing.

Hurting my hands, wrists, peeling off skin, simply wearing myself out. Had our first breakfast in the RV which on the first day was pretty typical eggs and toast.

Second morning was even better as I had diced avacodo and grape tomatoes on my eggs. Was delicious! As an added note, I was a little worried Cardin would have a very hard time with his sleeping space. At first I figured it would be a really cool little hang-out sleeping spot for him. As it turns out there is barely any space up there. I had a very hard time crawling up there, granted I am a tad bigger but… Well, I was concerned he wouldn’t be able to handle the space. But, lucky me, he actually loves it, he only sleeps up there, and looks quite ridiculous climbing in and out ( he hasn’t quite mastered a good technique yet ) but, so far, no complaints. Only a well rested boy in the morn. My bed on the other hand… Well I am still in search of a mattress that will work. I am hoping that Cardin’s old mattress ( a single ) will fit in my bed spot, but for now I am sleeping on 2 of the cushions of the RV that are pushed together. Not the most comfortable, but also not the worst. I love going to sleep to the sound of frogs and crickets at night and waking to the sun and birds in the morning.

 It simply, starts my day perfectly and leaves me in a fantastic mood the rest of the day. Even with all the emotional chaos 🙂

Published by DragonflyRose

I was born in California, spent my childhood in Colorado, grew up in Washington, and now live in Maine with my boyfriend, son, daughter, dog, and cat! I hope to inspire and keep growing!

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