I have spent the last few weeks working away on getting the RV fixed up and ready to move into, along with working my butt off at chiropractic office. I have noticed that, now that things are coming along I find myself being held back by “un-foreseen forces”, if you will. I couldn’t figure out why I just wanted to stay at the apartment and “rest”. Granted I have been exhausted, but, it was more than that. I realized last night that my life is changing, the way I want it to yes, but it is a big change. And with every change comes a mourning period for that part of ourselves, and our lives, that we are leaving behind. I am on a path that I have wanted to be on my entire life, and have just now had the courage to step out into the un-known and trust myself. This is very scary for me, plain and simple. I will allow myself to mourn the loss of one way of life for another. But, I will not let it stop me. For where there is a re-birth, a new beginning, life only gets better. Full of new challenges, heartaches, headaches, scares, and lessons… But, always for the better. I am no longer excited to live the life I want, I am excited to be living that life fully right now. Not tomorrow, next month, or next year, but now! I am letting go of the old, to make way for the new 🙂 and whatever wonders it beholds!

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