A New Life, A New Way of Being

A very good friend of mine mentioned to me the other day that I am a lot more “easy going”. That I don’t freak out like I used to, that I just take things in stride. I didn’t fully notice my change in behavior until yesterday. Yesterday, was an amazing day. I got to start my day with an online chat with one of the most amazing men in my life, under my Dad’s of course!

It’s amazing how the heart just chooses, defying all odds of how it will work and just deciding that “this is who I am going to Love”. I have never done well with long-distance relationships, my first love was in High School and when we moved to Washington State I had tried to make it work, but alas, I just couldn’t handle the distance. As I am older, it is different. Possibly my life experience, possibly the fact that I am more open to energy travel, I am unsure. I crave to be in his arms and him in mine, but, I am okay, and love him more with each passing day. Don’t get me wrong, it hasn’t been all rainbows and sunshine. I have had intense moments of doubt, suspicion, made up stories, etc. But, this is life. Life is supposed to have challenges, that is how we grow, it is how we learn to Love deeper, and live Free’r.

After, we got up and running from our night of sleep and morning of chatting. We made our way to the apartment to continue with some cleaning and such. Still a ton to do, but it will get finished. Then we had a couple hours to kill before meeting Bela (pronounced Bay La, which means Freed Slave in Swahili). We cleaned and vacuumed out the car. We had so much nature material on the floor of the car that we could have started growing vegetables!

We decided to meet at Seward Park, and of course it was bicycle Sunday. *sighs* Damn Seattle’ites! haha We ended up being at the park for 2 hours before they finally found the park. Which ended up being just perfect! Cardin got to play with some kids for the whole time, and I simply sat and relaxed. Took in all the laughter, silliness, playing, and the bits of sun that shone down upon me. Even got a few giggles in at the kids “flying” off the merry-go-round!

Bela and her rescuers finally made it and we all got to meet for the first time. It was a joyous meeting, as we have been chatting back and forth for a few weeks now. For all that Bela has undergone, she is an amazingly sweet dog. She is almost 100% rehabilitated. Her biggest issue is with other dogs, especially dogs that are bigger than she is. She began getting very agitated and upset with even the presence of another dog. Most of which were not anywhere near her. I truly believe that in time she could be trained out of this. But, I am unsure that we will be able to give her what she needs in that area. We will be meeting her again next week and even be having a trial day at the market to see how she handles, I will make my decision after that.

Our evening was chalk full of a great friend cooking a feast for Cardin and I. Authentic Korean food, I can’t remember the names of everything but we started with these noodles that you eat cold and dip them in Soba. They were very delicious. We then had sashimi, I believe the fish was Salmon and Yellow Tail. After that we got to enjoy a very delicious Korean Barbecue with rice and Asparagus with toasted almonds. Ending the night with some delicious gelato, I have found a new favorite in pistachio gelato! It was a great evening full of laughter, wine, chocolate’s and cheeses, great food, great conversations, and laughing at video games. Thank you Andy for such an amazing evening, we ended up getting back to the RV at almost 1am! haha Mostly due to my sleepy head missing a couple turns along the way, but definitely the most time I have ever spent eating, and I loved every second.

It was a day full of smiles, hugs, food, friends, fun, and dead cell phones 🙂 Then we,

Stumbled into RV and slumbered…

Published by DragonflyRose

I was born in California, spent my childhood in Colorado, grew up in Washington, and now live in Maine with my boyfriend, son, daughter, dog, and cat! I hope to inspire and keep growing!

2 thoughts on “A New Life, A New Way of Being

    1. Things seem to be halting a bit 😦 We went out on a hike today and that helped me clear my head a lot 😀 I am just frustrated monetarily wise and I am unsure what the best option is…. I have a general divination reading tomorrow, as a kind of interview for California Psychics 🙂 lol Maybe something can come from that 😀 hehehe

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