How does one say goodbye to a place? Or to people? I pretty much “fly by the seat of my pants” so goodbyes are never really given any time or thought. I leave tomorrow, I leave a place I have lived for 13 years. People, family, memories… I am not good at goodbyes. I hate the thought that the people who I cherish so much will not be in my life anymore. So, in some strange way, by not saying goodbye, I am not really leaving 😉 see my cunning’ness!? In truth I am not leaving, I am simply moving. But have no fear! I shall return for visits! As there are quite a few places I still want to explore upon this magical terrain, and people that I must continue to embrace… Because lets face it, I love you!! So our last hoorah in Washington was visiting the capitol. This might not seem like a big deal, but I have been wanting to do it for years! Not sure why I haven’t but, it has been checked off my map of wonders 😀 Oh! and homeschooling is going so excellent!!! Cardin is such a genius boy!!! He just needs some help focusing, I will have him caught up and ahead in no time! teehee!! So, on our way to Southern California tomorrow evening. Going to visit with some family, which I am extremely excited about, especially since I have never met most of them!! And then from there it is my plan to settle down in Sedona, Arizona for a while, but… We shall see where the rivers of life take me! I’ll keep ya posted!!!
~Anna ❤

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