It feels as though my heart is scattered across the world; beating for people whom I love, loved, met, and haven’t met; places I have been, and those I dream of; and event’s that I have attended, participated, and yet to be experienced. I am a wanderer, this I have accepted about who I am. My hunger for knowledge, growth, and new experiences will only be satiated when I leave this world to go on to the next. But, as I am a mommy, I must reign in, and stable, that wild horse that wants to run as fast as she can with the wind. Which means that I must find a community of people that are like myself, people to talk to, new friends, a support emotionally and physically. I found that today when we attended a church that was a little on a different path, but resonated with both of us. It was the Universalist Unitarian Church of Riverside, I have found a spiritual family here in Riverside. And as I am unsure as to the length of our stay here, today was a grand day, and a meeting of what I know are to be lifelong friends. So as an update to the craziness of what is our lives, I know that my last post was very gey skied and I want to let everyone know that things are 100% better 🙂 We are still going to be travelling, but they will just be in smaller quantity than before envisioned 🙂 Things are getting better with Cardin’s behavior and his school work! Which makes me feel great! As for being a single mommy who home schools… well, still working out the making of money part, I think I need to open up my creative mind a little more in that arena. Thank you all who read this, I will do my best to be more active here on our blogs. Cardin has 2 blogs written already!! I need to post them, expect them soon!

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