Today we started a journey through the magical world of Middle Earth. Cardin and I have begun reading The Hobbit. I was going to simply read the book with him but I decided that there is so much more to the literary work of Tolkien than simply reading through his book. I found a site called Tolkien’s Middle Earth: Lesson Plans for Secondary School EducatorsSome of the information is far above my 4th graders comprehension, but I have been able to explain most of the information in a way he understands. This will be combining a lot of our studies and hopefully make them more enjoyable; If not at first, hopefully later. So far I am impressed with this site! We have only read chapter one of The Hobbit and are working our way slowly through the site. Today we learned about the life of J.R.R. Tolkien (a brief synapse) and some of the key vocabulary used. I will also be working in art everyday as we will sketch out a scene that happened in the chapter. I know my son’s love for movies and video games will still be there, but it is my hope that, with this new method with reading, he will grow a love and passion for literature.


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