I have lived in two places for pretty much the entirety of my life. Pueblo, Colorado for my childhood and Seattle area for my teens and 20’s. All but one of my friends from Colorado have faded to mere Facebook acquaintances.  Rightly so, we didn’t go through the pains of high school, childbirth, marriages, etc. We had formed childhood friendships that weren’t able to grow past that. The people I know in Washington were there with me through some very “thick” times. A time in my life that was extremely difficult, a time that was extremely sad for me. Through that we developed a bond that will be with us forever. Now, floating gracefully into my 30’s, I have once again moved. Moved to a place where I don’t have those deep connections. It is leaving me in a strange place. It is making me realize that I need those connections. But, these connections are only formed over time. I know I will eventually make friends here as well, but I miss those special people that are scattered through Washington. I am finding it hard to “break out of my shell” here. This feeling makes me want to “flee”, granted I want to travel anyway, but…. I want connections with people more. So, until I create a traveling gypsy caravan, my roots will begin to grow here, in sunny California 😀

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