For those of curious mind, I want to leave you with this.
I am not a pessimist.
By mere definition a pessimist is one who expects the worst possible outcome.
I simply respond to what I see, to what I hear, to what I read, to what I encounter in this life.
I see much beauty in the world, and around me,
And I can see the beauty in just about every circumstance.
But the things that I am passionate about,
I speak about. I write about. I try to capture in some sense, to share. So I can hopefully at least bring to life that things in this life are not always what they seem.
Sometimes the truth is very ugly, and we would rather look the other way and focus on the positive.
But truth be told  the ugly is still there. The horrors do not go away because we cover our eyes, our ears, hide our minds in pretty thoughts.
I feel that we have pretty much mastered focusing on what good there still is in the world, now we need to open our eyes and see the whole of everything that is our world, planet, universe, etc.
I am a realist, if that comes off as pessimistic so be it. But your pretty words and thoughts are not healing anything in this world. Ignoring it only makes it grow like a cancer.

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