Sometimes it takes me a long time to post what I write. I will write something in my little notebook or journal and forget about it. This is something I wrote on June 2nd 2013. And as the main reason I didn’t post right away was because I was dating someone at the time, I then also forgot about it. 



The stars and moon fall from the heavens and collide like the meteors falling to their grave upon the earth.

As the sun and moon cannot be held, neither can I.

I feel like a bird fighting so her wings will not be clipped.

A city of smog and dirt holds me.

Peoples expectations of what I should do, and how I should be, overwhelm my thinning patience.

Life is but a series of chance encounters and lost loves.

Yet in the weighing hours that the full moon pulls on the waters of the ocean. I want nothing more but to be sailing the waves of the wind, and dancing in the flow of life.

Perhaps commitment to anything is what I am running from, or perhaps it is because I truly believe that people are only meant to be in our lives for a short time.

When I sit and search my soul I find that I do not want to ‘grow old’ with someone. I just want to be alone. But perhaps this is yet another fleeting emotion brought on by exhaustion, and my overwhelming fear of cages.

I don’t think that I will ever want to truly ‘belong’ somewhere.

My restless Gypsy Soul.

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