August 23, 2013

Most of Southern California has been so overpopulated and over-developed that all the beauty that once lied at it’s shores is no longer. However, Torrey Pines has been rescued from this fate. Within the San Diego city limits lies 2,000 acres of land that shows what the whole area looked like before the development of San Diego and nearby cities. It is the home of the nations rarest pine tree, Pinus torreyana (hence the name Torrey Pines)which only grows in the park and on Santa Rosa Island. DSC_0276

We arrived at Torrey Pines about 30 minutes after dawn, it was the end of August so the morning air was still very warm. We were greeted by the salt water marsh, which we later found out is one of the last in California.


As we made our way to the beach the fog engulfed the cliffs and ocean like the heavens came to earth and made a city. It was an ethereal experience, and so very beautiful. It felt like were walking in a dream.


As we made our way to the steps that led up to the park we often stopped for drawing in the sand, and taking in the beauty and of the beach. Along with other shenanigans 😉

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The cliffs along the beach were breathtaking! The sandstone cliffs rise up to 300 feet (roughly 91 meters)!

DSC_0077 DSC_0113

About a mile down the beach we found the stairs to the park!


As we made our way up the stairs we were delighted by the views. The sun was really beginning to shine down on us and the last of the morning fog was burning off. Here is the view from the top looking out toward the ocean.

DSC_0212 DSC_0214

After we hiked through all the trails we finally made it to the visitor center. We sat and watched a video on the natural salt water marsh and also learned about Ellen Browning Scripps, who was the woman behind the saving of Torrey Pines back in the early 1900’s. Cardin also got an ocarina (small terracotta flute), which he played the remainder of our trip 🙂

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If anyone is ever near the San Diego area you HAVE to visit the Torrey Pines Nature Reserve. We will definitely be going back soon!

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