I am the fire, burning strong and true,
The wind kindles my flames.
I dance upon the water.
I am a fierce force of love and beauty,
And some cannot handle the pulse of my soul.
Honesty is my nature, even if it takes me time to gain the courage to speak.
You may think you know me, but you only know what you want to see.
I have made it further and done more things from my dreams than most could even gain the courage to do.
But I won’t let it stop me, I am worth the stars and the moon, the galaxies
I am worth all things in this Universe and the next.
I’m done settling, I’m done thinking I am not worth all the great things, I will never stop.
I hope to find you traveling the stars and our paths crossing once again,
But if it doesn’t happen I hope you find peace and happiness,
For I will love you forever, moons and millions.
But even though my heart is aching, I can no longer go on.
I hope I find you traveling the stars.

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