I have been away from the sun, the stars, the moon, the light.
The darkness that was once a deep part of myself,
that I ran from,
is now at the forefront of my mind.
Who is this darker being looking back at me in the ripples of space and time?
The howl of the galaxy lingers in my bones,
and the abyss of blackness shines through my eyes.
What a choice, a choice to live, or a choice to live?
All is technically living, is it not?
Energetic formations spark patterns in my brain,
Is this ‘Who I am?’
Are we not really just the choices we make?
Even if the choice feels ‘wrong’
We are our choices…
I am choosing my darker side,
Perhaps for a time…
And perhaps not completely.
But I do feel the warm darkness comforting me,
While the light brings Winter.
Not completely delving into either light or dark,
A constant limbo in the gray.
Level scales creating chaos,
all Dark or all Light for balance and peace.
Choices, choices, choices
All we really are,
And all we’ll ever really be.

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