So long I have chased the past,

Through tangling vines and thorns.

To find myself pained and scarred.

What once was,

And People we once ran to,

Are no more. There is no solace in their words or company,

Only empty past versions of who we once were.

The wind blows so fiercely here to tell us to move with it,

Not to stay.

I used to look to past flames,

Search them out.

Strings holding me to an idea of who I once was,

And wanted. But no more.

Depression, anxiety, anger

Is what lies for us when we try to catch our past fireflies fleeing in the night.

We are who we are in this very moment,

No past echo of who we were will ever be again.

Our future selves are unwritten upon the pages of life,

Blank canvases,

We choose who we are,

Who we will be.

The lessons we learn show us who we are and who we are not.

We grow, we change, we evolve.

This is who we truly are,

Evolutionary Beings, Constantly changing.

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