I wrote this years ago, and it still holds sway over my heart to this day. Not sure why it was in my drafts but, I don’t mind sharing this one over and over again. Enjoy!

Like moth’s to a flame they come whirling toward me,
like the waters of a rolling rapid on the brink of a falling curtain of water.
My dreams overwhelm my mind, my body, my soul, and spirit.
I feel the breeze and I have a pull to flow wherever it happens to be blowing,
to be a gypsy traveling on the tail of the wind.
I gaze upon the cloud filled sky and see a bird soaring the heavens,
it’s freedom beckon’s to me,
whispering the dreams that I buried years ago.
Like sky nymphs they tease and tantalize my senses,
reminding me of what it truly means to be living on this planet.
We are not meant to be prisoners of these concrete towers that house the many things that occupy our wasting time.
The dragon guarding our sky-scraping tower is fear in our minds,
and we are all our own knight’s in shining armor.

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