As I sit next to him I can feel his energy engulfing my every sense,
Like an exotic scent from a faraway world full of sensuality and passion.
It pulls me closer,
Teases me,
Taunts me,
Until I can no longer hold the restraint that I am so desperately trying to keep.
My fingers caress his back and then neck,
Pulling me closer and closer
My other hand rises to trace his lips
As my lips gently caress his neck.
I can feel his heartbeat race,
Along with mine.
Energy erupting out of the both of us,
Making it harder and harder to resist the pull of
Magickal energy.
How is it we can still have constraint in this moment of pure exotic tasting energy?
He holds my face,
Kisses me, sending me deeper and deeper into a state of pure passion.
My face next to his now,
Our bodies pressed against each other,
Making every passing second hotter and hotter.
My face moves as my teeth gently play along his neck,
And then slowly bite,
Moving up to tease him further as I caress and nibble his ear with my mouth.
He moans and pulls me tighter against his throbbing body…
Then a little voice says “Hey don’t kiss my mommy!”

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