I have had a project floating around in my mind for weeks. A play of shadows and light; Seeing the result from a subject in a dark room with light shining only on certain areas. I started with some self-portraits. I used my 50mm manual Canon lens on my Nikon body and used a lamp and a flashlight. I have not been able to afford the expensive flashes as of yet, but between being creative and Lightroom I got some great results 🙂

I had my ISO up a little too high without realizing it, I had it up at 800 (want it more near 100, which is what I will do next); and my F-Stop was 22. My shutter speed was at 1/5. So I need some improvements but, not too bad of a start. Here are my favorites from the batch.

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I had the same F-stop and shutter speed on these but they came out extremely dark. I changed the ISO to 100. Lightroom was intensely used to get these images to what I wanted. Still a lot to learn! HA!

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