How could one possibly explain who they are in a few sentences? The true essence of who I am is not seen by the mere reading of a few words or the glance of a picture. The Internet is both wonderful and torturing. It teases us, showing us people we can connect with, but only through the means of sentences and images. You can’t see in an image how I love playing in the dirt or hiking through a forest. You can’t see how passionate I am when I paint, or the look on my face when I get the chance to see the stars. You can’t feel the warmth of my hug or look into my eyes while we talk. You can’t see my face when I laugh, or when I cry. Sometimes I am silent and simply enjoy being in the energy of another. So as these social networking sites bring people into each other’s thoughts, where they were otherwise not, I still crave that physical interaction with another person. As we may be connected here on this cyber plane, please know that someday I would love to meet you, and if it never happens I am happy to have at least known you.

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