I saw a hawk soaring and gliding the pastel blue sky. The clouds like pillows waiting for when he decided to rest his wings. My heart wanted to fly out of my chest and soar the heavens alongside him; a spirit on the winds, unbridled and free. Maybe it’s that I have a traveler’s spirit, or that I understand something that many have forgotten. As I sit here on this fluffy, seemingly comfortable, couch, all I want is a seat that is of a tree and grass. I want the wind to dance with and play in my hair, the sounds of crickets and toads in my ears at night. When I look up into the dark sky, I want to see the moon and stars fill horizon to horizon. There is a freedom outside of these walls that we have become so comfortable to call home. Home is the grass and mud under my feet, the sweet melody of a river and gaze of a mountain, a sunset over a valley of grass, trees, and wildlife; untouched by man’s inventions. I am more often than not pulled to these places. A pull that is so deep that when I do follow I meld and feel my connection to everything in this universe. What keeps me in these prisons of metal and sheet-rock? I feel so disconnected from what is truly important that I try to fill my time with non-sense; occupying myself until complete exhaustion, passing out and then starting all over. What drives us to live in this way? Like we’re on a freight train with no certain destination, plowing through everything that is around us to enjoy. What prize is there at the end of the track? I can’t imagine it is a very fulfilling one. I’d be willing to bet that you’d feel emptier than when you started. There is nothing ever to be gained, only enjoyed. And through the enjoyment, we find freedom and peace. I suppose we all find our enjoyment in different places, mine just happens to live in the ebb and flow of everything that is found outside of the walls and devices we become so lost inside.


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