Back to Planning

As with all great plans in life they take detours, beatings, losses, and joys. This October will mark a year since we rolled into Riverside, California, and as I have loved the time with my Dad, it is now time to start moving on to other things. My heart broke when I watched our RV drive away from my father’s home, it was in no way able to continue serving us the way we needed it to, and I now find myself trying to save up money for another vehicle of sorts. Most likely one we can make a temporary home out of as we travel across the US. Bouncing from organic farm to organic farm until we reach the east coast. Where I will hopefully have it so that Cardin will have his passport so we can backpack across the UK, Ireland, Scotland, etc.  But the key now lies in two things for us. 1. is straying away from just ‘saving money’ and instead manifesting what I need and 2. find my spiritual path once again. I don’t know how much longer we will be here but, we will make the best time of it that we can possibly make 😀 Which, if I say so myself, will be one kick ass of a time! I love you all who have stood by us, watched us in silent prayers from afar, loved us, and helped us along however you could. We love you all very much!! ❤ always and forever!

Gender Roles

I am pretty sure my words have found this topic on other occasions, but the subject still weighs heavy on my mind and spirit. As it is true, and proven, women can perform any job a man can and vise versa. But, the fact remains that there are things that women do with ease that men struggle to get through, just as there are things that a man can do with almost no effort that takes a great deal of energy from a woman. I understand this is the age of equal rights, and this is far from what I am talking about here. Men by nature are providers, in tribal conditions they hunt and protect. Women are nurturers, and by pure definition that means to care for and encourage growth and development. Society has made it so that we rely on our men to take on this role when we are tired, burned out, or stressed. We are tribe minded people and in a tribal condition the other women would take up the slack and support each other. So, since our “civilized” world separates families into their own “tribes” the one woman of the household has to take up all the slack, and when needing a break relies on the husband. Which then causes conflict because men are not meant for such roles, it becomes a struggle and all then become stressed. As a single mom I am very stressed, especially since I have to take up both roles. It makes it to a point where I cannot function fully in each role, which then causes a lot of conflict because my son and myself are not getting what we need. I feel it within me, a deep craving, to only have to worry about providing the nurturing aspects for him. Teaching, loving, raising him to be the best human he can, and wants, to be. I hate having to worry about money, or food, etc. I feel like I am spread so thin, I barely have enough energy for anything. Some tell me that I should put Cardin into public school and not home school; as though this would fix all my problems, it will not. I think that one day all of the “civilized” world will die off due to stresses, and diseases and all that will remain of the human race will be those whom live in tribal communities. I long for this type of community, the woman in me longs for it…

Striving to Live Healthy, In an Unhealthy World

For the bulk of my adult life I have been saying that I wanted to live a healthier life, but never have. I would say things like “eating healthy is too expensive, I don’t eat poorly, but I don’t buy organic either”. So, in response to seeing prices at the grocery store, I would continue with my normal buying of food. Which granted was a lot healthier than some diets, homemade every night, etc. But I always felt “run down” and hungry. Most of my change came about when I decided that I didn’t want a vehicle of any kind again, but still have the dream of traveling the world. So, what does that leave? My legs! Now, as I could most likely carry a very heavy pack for a very long time, I also like being comfortable! Since I am no where near high maintenance this has eliminated a ton of “weight”. I don’t wear make-up, am fine wearing the same clothes for days on end, have learned how to stay hygienically clean without having to take a shower every day, don’t put crap in my hair, and have gotten to a point where I am not really using any kind of hair products anymore, including shampoos. This led me to think about food yet again. The thought of backpacking with some cheese and a chicken breast make me shudder! So, I researched, and I researched, and I researched. Turns out, we don’t need to eat meat! Or dairy, etc. Of course, I knew this already, but I had never implemented it. And all I had were excuses. Well, recently I have been on a kick to make our lives on this beautiful planet of ours more sustainable and “green”, as they say. I have discovered that shopping is now extremely difficult. I am trying my very best to purchase items that are either packed in glass or paper/cardboard. We live in a world of one-time-use plastic 😦 One time use for something that will last forever! What kind of sense does this make!? Now the world of shopping is like a battle zone, and finding things that are not packaged in plastic is damn near impossible. You think it would make sense to package foods in glass rather than plastic! But alas, this is not the case. Luckily most of the organic foods are in glass! 😀 Since we are now at a point where we are only eating some fish, honey and yogurt in regard to animals I feel great! and Full! I have been spending money on quality Olive and coconut (organic) oils, nuts, flour (whole wheat), seeds that are full of protein and omega 3’s, legumes, rice, etc. Most importantly I am doing my research!! We don’t eat soy! I can’t say if it is bad or not but I am trying to get away from gmo’s might be difficult but not impossible! We eat a lot of “snacky” food through the day as well. Trail mixes, etc. As we are still working through the rest of some of the food we have left from our “previous” ways of eating. We feel so much better. I wanted to share that, yes, organic vegetarian diets are more expensive, but you don’t have to eat as much!! As long as you do your research and make sure your body is getting the vitamins and nutrients it needs! So, take it from a single mom on a hairy budget, if I can do it, so can you 😉 More to come on the lightening on the rest of our lives 😀

She Dreams

She sits,
A poetic tale.
The wind,
gently caressing her skin,
like a long lost lover.
She stands,
a harmonic note.
The tree,
Its bark rough upon her hand,
Its energy fills her spirit.
She dances,
The beat captures her soul.
The ground moves,
With her joyous dance,
Like a promenade between woman and earth.
She leaps,
Weightless like the air.
Carried by the wind,
Like a leaf dancing on its sails.
She sings,
An angelic note.
Tones carrying through the air,
Like velvet upon ears.
She lies upon the grass,
She Dreams,
Eyes open,
Soul open,
Heart open.

Humankind’s Legacy

The dew, it settles, on this dirty city.
But it does not wash away.
A cool rain temporarily cleans away the filth
But will never return it to the pristine of nature.
He says that he is for the betterment of our world,
And yet, only destruction lies in his path.
Experiments at the scientists hands, hurt before they heal.
What kind of world are we creating?
A prison of rules and regulations,
No one is free.
No one is free on a planet that we were all born upon,
That belongs to no one.
Do you see that forest over there?
Never-mind, it now sits in your living room
For all to gawk and stare.
I do not care what you believe,
I see the world from an outside view.
There is most definitely a sickness in the mind of man.
Denying it only holds it true,
Admitting it free’s you from its shackles,
And shows you the truth.
Do you remember the Passenger Pigeon?
The last one died in a zoo in 1914
One guess as to how their extinction was brought about.
Humans are a plague upon this planet.
We reproduce and multiply like roaches, rats, flies, weeds…
Let me ask you this,
Why do you want children, if you want any?
Why do you want to pro-create?
I assure you they are all for selfish reasons,
We are the weeds upon the planet.
We treat our world like we have another one to go to.
I would gladly lay down my life for the survival of another species.
Would you?
We destroy and we consume,
For our pleasures sake,
For our laziness sake.
If we stop our consuming today, all of us, everyone
Would we be able to clean our planet?
Do you know where your non-recyclable, toxic, trash goes?
I do…
I recently discovered that most of our recyclable trash goes to a landfill in India…
A wise man once told me,
“We can never kill our planet. But we can make it so we cannot live upon it, cannot survive in its air, cannot live on its ground”
I agree.
The planet will continue on spinning after we have all died away.
Maybe the planet will do the “dirty” work for us,
Maybe another ice age will come our way and hit the reset button on our planet.
So, lets just keep on doing what we are doing
And wait for some other force to fix all of our problems.