Sweet Whistling Being

An Original Song by Anna M Koonce

Sweet Whistling Being Lyrics
The birds they sing
In such sweet melodies
Bringing peace
To a war’ers heart
Whistlings of love
Respect and harmony
Oh, sweet whistling, little beings
The birds they fly
Soaring through an open sky
Beckoning our hearts to grow wings
Silly are the things
That we squabble and scream
We can all learn a lesson
From these sweet winged beings.
So, let yourself soar
Leaving worries at your door
And smiling kindness on all you see.
Hatred is gone
It has no place in your song
Be free now
You beautiful being.

She Dreams

She sits,
A poetic tale.
The wind,
gently caressing her skin,
like a long lost lover.
She stands,
a harmonic note.
The tree,
Its bark rough upon her hand,
Its energy fills her spirit.
She dances,
The beat captures her soul.
The ground moves,
With her joyous dance,
Like a promenade between woman and earth.
She leaps,
Weightless like the air.
Carried by the wind,
Like a leaf dancing on its sails.
She sings,
An angelic note.
Tones carrying through the air,
Like velvet upon ears.
She lies upon the grass,
She Dreams,
Eyes open,
Soul open,
Heart open.